NOMIS (Notification, Observation, Monitoring, Information, Solution)

Loop Communications’ first product, NOMIS, is an easy to use interactive reminder system. This system sends and receives time-sensitive messages via phone, SMS, or MMS requiring a task be performed before the notifications stop. NOMIS is differentiated from other notification systems because it ‘closes the Loop’ by requiring a response from the end-user. Failure to respond to the system that task performance has occurred causes NOMIS to start an escalation process ranging from sending repeat messages, to notification of a designated third party, to automatically calling 911, depending on the task.

NOMIS was developed to address a need across many industries including drug testing, medical monitoring, food service and hospitality, travel, public welfare, and other industries requiring timely reminders. For example in the public welfare sector many developmentally disabled or brain-injured individuals are able to live independently but need help remembering to do certain things. Nomis can be used to remind and ensure a person catches the right bus at the right time, does their laundry, feeds their dog, locks the doors at night, or sets their alarm. By using Nomis, developmentally disabled and brain-injured individuals may live more independently.

In the medical industry, NOMIS can be used to remind and ensure a person takes their medication, takes and reports their blood pressure or blood sugar, or follows a prescribed diet. The iterative and interactive nature of NOMIS allows patients to have more interaction with their doctor while at the same time helps the doctor monitor their patients’ health on an on-going basis.

At Loop Communications, we believe NOMIS will improve the lives of millions by helping others live more independently, reducing the impacts of chronic diseases, and encourage positive change for all who come into contact with someone using or utilizing a Loop Communications product.