Loop Communications provides consulting services in the areas of compliance programs, emergency preparedness, information assurance, ISO 9001:2008, IT and business strategy.

Loop Communications is introducing NOMIS – the newest cost saving approach to improving clinical outcomes, and reducing the total cost of care—the three objectives of the “triple aim” framework. The key to success in the post-Affordable Care Act (ACA) environment is digital health technology, which can increase patient activation and engagement. With NOMIS, insurance companies have a clear opportunity to play a greater role in delivering a better experience for patients. By providing a patient engagement tool such as NOMIS, opportunities to reduce avoidable claims and unnecessary office visits present themselves right away. NOMIS encourages increased accountability and communication in a patients own healthcare with results being an overall healthier outcome with a mutual benefit to both the patient, healthcare provider and insurance company.

NOMIS, a new award-winning Software as a Service (SaaS) secure Cloud/digital health technology can assist your patients and customers by greatly increasing patient engagement, compliance with Meaningful Use protocols and Electronic Health Record (EHR) requirements.

Electronic Health Records are now in accepted use, and this kind of supporting service is the wave of the future, offering eligible professionals and hospitals a tool which will allow them to easily collect and track Clinical Quality Measures (CQM), as well as meet requirements in patient reminders, record responses and offer access to e-educational content. NOMIS not only closes the LOOP between patient and prescriber and education and behavior, it closes the LOOP between desired outcomes of EHR use and actual patient/insured engagement.

NOMIS is an integrator of users of multiple systems. Crucially, NOMIS includes the patient in their own care, a vital patient engagement tool offered to patients via their trusted doctor, hospital or insurance provider. By enhancing Doctor/Patient communication NOMIS maximizes treatment compliance helping prevent unnecessary complications and admissions.

Exciting features of NOMIS will include education and reward features which appeal to all diverse personality, cultural and age demographics, Gameification strategies (Reminder, Response & Reward), cross-language and cultural modules, and the ability for the system to seamlessly interact with other systems such as EHR.

Loop Communications is always forward thinking on how we can improve a patient’s education on their own healthcare protocols and how to take that to the next level of adherence and incorporation of behavior to improve one’s own health.

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